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Celebrities, stage of my life business platform

Date: 2013-06-09

Do you feel powerless?You often feel like there is sand in the gold?How often lamented sleight underappreciated?Dear celebrity elite, the chance to shine came.

In response to the Group CEO chamber rich format creating an integrated urban complex the call for more workers to build "celebrities, stage of my life," the business platform to explore outstanding management personnel, the Group has established innovative incentives friends.

Where for the Group's existing unused space new hotel projects, existing facilities for the hotel room as new activities, creating benefits for the hotel and other projects, and the successful operation of the project once the file, the size of the project will be given 500 -5,000 innovation award; project implementation in the first year, will follow the monthly profit 10% of the monthly award, while Group President chamber each year will be based on each hotel Add Item condition vote innovation Stars and other honors.

Maybe you have something like this: for business, management and there are many opinions, but no one unobstructed channel that information and effective feedback, perhaps you yourself could not very well verify the feasibility of this view.Over time, they will feel underappreciated, he opinionated that hidden in the gravel gold, became cynical, allow enterprises to love and hate.

Perhaps you have is this: that wind is the rain, vigorous and resolute, for enterprises to do a lot of things, but also for enterprises to add a lot trouble.Ever do it seemingly does not, do not do it is not right, over time they wander outside of the enterprise.

Strange and beautiful plants, called English; singular prominent animal, called male.Therefore, the civil and military to outstanding people call heroes.Talented, smart, agile called excellence, extraordinary courage called his talents.Under normal circumstances, Yingcai did not Xiongcai's mettle, his doctrine and insights will not get the the implementation of.HC Without possess excellence of wisdom, his career can not be a success.Now, as long as you and your team to work together, you will be able to celebrity writing a heroic dream.

Dear celebrities, when we dream of greater success, we have no more hard to prepare?When we dream to become a leader, we have no service in the human humility?When we want to change the world, we have no idea how to change ourselves?

Celebrities, waiting for your real voice.I'm ready, celebrity innovation, we are on the road, are you ready?