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Huashuiwan Celebrity Resorts launched the '2013 unlimited travel card'

Date: 2013-06-05

What is happiness?Winter stove, summer summer.Celebrity City Hotel Group, is for you to create a happy plant, to let you and your family have a chic, cool summer, the most beautiful town in Sichuan Huashuiwan Celebrity Resort, you create a series of your unexpected surprise.

Surprise one: Four Seasons Spa Valley unlimited travel card free delivery.From now until August 31, 2013, where young people under 17 years of age, with the Four Seasons Spa Valley Huashuiwan unlimited swim card can be effectively unlimited free access to the activities during the four seasons Springs Valley Huashuiwan cool summer dip.Adolescent student ID can be directly in the Four Seasons Spa Valley in handling individual Huashuiwan unlimited swim card together to enjoy a cool summer feast.Dear BOSS, dear employees, if your child 17 years of age, or if you are under 17 years old teenager around, you can also micro-channel direct response "infinite tour card" or call 4008266333 request, we will provide you push unlimited travel cards,will give you care about the next generation of surprises.

Surprise two: Subject paternity expand and grow together.Children and parents together through the expansion of training, explore each other more advantages, and grow together.In this holiday season, to accompany their children to participate in some activities of benefit to the child grow it, exercise the child a sense of participation and exploration capability, which allows children to physical and mental development of a teenager, in the promotion of child and your emotions get to know more new friends.Here, the experience of survival simulation experiment, feel the "fruit of hard toil," lunch, as well as a variety of outreach activities Family Fun, Summer Special only 198 yuan / person.

Surprise three: Juvenile cradle of leadership.Developing a "youth leadership qualities" as the core of professional training programs to develop the child self-management challenge themselves, wilderness survival, security, life, wealth management, discovery advantage, setting goals, public speaking, Thanksgiving parents and other capabilities, as low as 1280 yuanyou can enjoy three days and two nights trip this summer really is not the same.Guests who enroll in the shop "topic personally develop" campaign will receive 38 yuan kiss the fish spa / sand therapy experience voucher 1; participate in the "Youth Leadership Summer Camp" will receive 158 yuan cash coupon a deductible Oh,Another well spent months Frank Family Style Package is only $ 100.Huashuiwan Celebrity Resort, located in the resort town of Dayi County Huashuiwan.From the center of Chengdu (Tianfu Square) 89 km, about 75 minutes drive form together with the Xiling Snow Mountain Snow Mountain Springs South China International Leisure Resort, in 2009 won the UN Habitat Award, Huashuiwan Valley Four Seasons Spa offers modern-art spaequipment, natural hot spring pool fusion, active and energetic water sports, completely relaxing forest bath, after which can enjoy the SPA, aromatherapy, fitness, television and many other services.Pro, quickly adding Huashuiwan cool summer, enjoy unlimited unlimited swim fun swim card.

Theme Family Development, a limited number of young leaders packages, scheduled as soon as possible, Reservations Hotline: 02888323333/4008266333.